Input transformer MC 938
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Input Transformer MC 938 for EMT 938


The Broadcast Disk Reproducer EMT 938 was formerly delivered with an active pre-preamplifier because of lower costs. It was alright for the operation in broadcast and television.

Today EMT 938 is more and more used for private purpose.

As well-known the adaption of a moving-coil pickup with an input transformer as a pre-preamplifier guarantees an optimum in technical quality and sound performance.

Thatīs why we can deliver now the input transformer MC 938 which can be installed very simple by exchanging the active pre-preamplifier.

It is also possible to get an EMT 938 without pre-preamplifier ready for a moving-coil pickups.

In operation there are input transformers which have already stood the test in other EMT turntables.






Ord. No.
Input Transformer MC 938 X   938 111 001

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