Multiconverter DU 937
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This external power supply for EMT 930 and EMT 927 enlarges the application field and offers an improvement in sound under very quiet listening conditions.

Extended applications:

  • Vari-Speed

    For the first time since we have EMT 930 and EMT 927 it is possible to change the speed by using vari-speed. With the Multiconverter DU 937 it is possible to change the speed +/- 10 %. This is very important if you play records which have not been cutted with the standard speeds, especially for persons with very sensible ears.

    Some schelllack-records need more than 78 rev/min. Now they can be reproduced by EMT 930 and EMT 927


  • Feltbrake compensation
    It is well known that EMT 930 and EMT 927 use a feltbrake to adjust the right speed. This feltbrake generates a constant noise which can disturb the music reproduction under very quiet listening conditions. Now the Multiconverter DU 937 allows to adjust the correct speed without the feltbrake for the first time, the disturbing noise has disappeared.

  • Operation with 50 Hertz or 60 Hertz
    The output voltage of the Multiconverter DU 937 can be adjusted to 50 or to 60 Hz.

Connection of the Multiconverters DU 937:

The Multiconverter DU 937 is connected as a power supply between the turntable and mains.

More advantages:

  • An extremely low-distortion output voltage guarantees a smooth running of the motors of EMT 930 and EMT 927.
  • By using the Multiconverter DU 937 you are independant of variations of the mains voltage and frequency.


Technical Datas

input voltage 100-230 V

input frequency 50-60 Hz

output voltage adjustable from 100 to 230 V

output frequency adjustable 50 or 60 Hz

frequency in vari-speed +/- 10%

dimensions   36 x 10 x 37 cm

weight 8 kg

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