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Shockabsorber Suspension for the professional studio turntables
EMT 927 an EMT 930


Many people own them, many people would like to own them: the professional studio turntables EMT 927 and EMT 930. But only a few of the owners are able to pursue them in a way which guarantees an optimum result.


To obtain the best possible result the turntables have to be suspended on the lower part of the chassis. The best is to use a suspension which is constructed especially for this application. Only that way you can avoid bad influence which comes from

  • Rumble
  • Wow and flutter
  • Vibration of chassis
  • External vibrations
  • Feedback sensitivity.

Now it is available for the first time, an optimum operation for EMT 927, the Shockabsorber Suspension for EMT 927.


Former engineers of development of EMT have constructed it under consideration of the newest knowledge.


In the past the turntables often had to work in outdoor recording vans or in transmission cars of broadcast stations which means the conditions were very bad and not as good as they are in studios.

Today the record players are only used in indoor utilization. That means that the spring and damping characteristics of the Shockabsorber Suspension could be improved without any compromise for indoor conditions.


Regarding external vibrations you get an improvement for your turntable of about 26 dB because of special spring and damping elements. The mass of the Shockabsorber Suspension for EMT 927 amounts to more than 40 kg. So you can be sure to obtain the best result for your record player.


The basical characteristics which are applicable for the EMT 927-Suspension can be transmitted to the EMT 930-Suspension as well. Therefore this construction is also available for the EMT 930. Here the mass has increased up to 36 kg. Hence you have the best possible result for the professional turntable EMT 930, too.







Ord. No.

Shockabsorber Suspension for EMT 927

Dimension 725 x 570 x 250 mm

Mass approx. 40 kg


  927 111 000

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